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My name is Marius and probably like most of you who are viewing this website I am passionate about computer systems and networks.

This project started initially as a physical lab made up of a couple of Cisco switches that could be accessed over the Internet. I started it right after graduating college because I needed a way to develop my networking knowledge which was mostly theoretical at that time. It also served as good way to get some hands on experience with real hardware.

Then I got a job as a Linux sysadmin and got pretty amazed of how powerful this OS and all the tools in the open source ecosystem can be. This is why I decided to replace the old Catalyst 3550 switches laboratory with Linux virtualized devices and focus on software implemented networking.

Currently I am working as a quality engineer for Openstack on my day job and during the nights and spare time I like looking into topics like network automation and Linux systems administration in general. I’m running all the lab instances inside an Openstack deployment so if you want to see how Openstack looks feel free to ping me.

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