learn by doing

Wordpress setup with Docker and Traefik

For this weekend project I had to migrate a couple of wordpress websites away from an existing server that I’m going to decommission soon. The current environment consists of a traditional setup with nginx and php-fpm running as systemd services on a CentOS VM with each website being configured within its own server block. This was, of course, an opportunity to come up with a new environment where I could experiment with some components that I’ve recently learned about.

Upgrading Openstack from Newton to Ocata with TripleO

During the last cycle I’ve been working on testing upgrades from Newton to Ocata and in this post I’ll describe how the upgrade process looks like and share some tips which might be helpful when you’re upgrading.

LEMP stack HA cluster deployment with Ansible

I’ve been playing with Ansible lately and I was thinking of a good practice exercise. The first thing that came to mind was an HA cluster since clustered nodes get almost identical configuration and most probably you want to use a config management system to deploy and don’t touch them with any manual configuration.

HA Openstack deployment using RDO-Manager

In this post I’ll describe the steps needed to deploy an Openstack environment with 3 HA Controllers and 2 Nova compute nodes in a virtual environment.

Graphing car metrics into the cloud with Raspberry Pi, OBD and Graphite

In this post we’ll see how you can grab car sensors data and turn them into some good loking and easy to watch graphs.